Foo Fighters Take On Communications And.. Life In General?

It just so happens that one of my favorite movies of all time is John Hughes’ The Breakfast Club. So, when I saw that #38 on the list of greatest PR blogs in the world is PRBreakfastClub, I felt that I was inclined to check it out. After scrolling through a couple of posts, I found a pretty interesting one where Dave Grohl and The Foo Fighters drop in to give us all some advice on not only PR, but life in general.

Don’t know Dave Grohl or The Foo Fighters? Here you go :

Still don’t know who I am talking about? That’s okay! Check out their greatest hits here.

While it isn’t crucially substantial that you understand who these guys are, what they have to say is pretty relevant and interesting. Grohl has made a list of five communications (and life) lessons that we can all benefit from learning. They are explained further on the blog post, but they briefly include:

  1. Share things, thoughts, and ideas with everyone and anyone
  2. Stand up for what you believe in all the time
  3. Be ready for the unexpected
  4. Try new things
  5. Admit your mistakes and learn from them

These are some pretty good points, and Grohl does a pretty good job of pointing out their relevance not only in communications and public relations, but in life.

What I like about the actual physical blog itself is the simplistic (yet interesting) format. Burgess, the author, uses a simple numbered list to relay the message to blog his readers. He also provides several hyperlinks for further investigation into each topic. That way, readers don’t have multitudes of information and text thrown at them, they can choose what they want to check out (because we all know that no one wants to read those giant paragraphs) Additionally, graphic pictures were added for visual aid, which attracted my interest and most likely the interest of others as well.

Overall, the PRBreakfastClub turned out to be a pretty good find. Take some time to check out the rest of what Burgess has to say.


One thought on “Foo Fighters Take On Communications And.. Life In General?

  1. I love the layout of the whole blog page. Your blog is very easy to read and follow! The big picture helps to show what the blog is about and the bullet points helps the reader engage into the text and read it easier. Great job!


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