Cavemen Communication

It always amazes me when I meet someone who lacks basic communication skills. One of my biggest pet peeves is trying to communicate with an individual who possess the communication skill level equivalent to a caveman. Now, I am actually a very nice person! However, if you posses any of the characteristics listed below, I may internally cringe or avoid talking to you.

In no particular order, here are ten characteristics/types of people who absolutely suck at communicating:

  1. Lack of eye contact “My eyes are up here, buddy.” Just kidding- but seriously, if you cannot focus on the person you are talking to, don’t bother talking to them at all.
  2. No enthusiasm/emotion– You should at least try to act like you care about the topic or person you are talking about/to. If not, at least pretend you do!
  3. Text Lingo– if you use the phrase”lol” when talking to me in person, I will probably hit you.
  4. No Punctuation– because “let’s eat mom” is very different from, “let’s eat, mom”
  5. Bad Body Language– no words necessary for this one.
  6. Uneducated People- nothing’s worse than listening to someone not know what they are talking about.
  7. Boring People– enough said.
  8. Poor Listeners– because believe it or not, one must actually posses skills to be a really good listener.
  9. Unorganized Thinkers– even I am a fan of “just winging it,” but don’t get too confusing on me
  10. These People

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