My Social Media Lineup

It’s inevitable. Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I reach for is my smartphone. Social media apps make up about 80% of my phone’s content (since I am just a stereotypical teenager).

Check out my social media lineup:

I have been meaning to create a Twitter account for the past few years, and for some reason have never gotten around to it until last month. What I like about Twitter is the real-time ability to stay connected. You choose who and what you follow, so you choose what you see.

Facebook is the site that everyone has been using since junior high, and everyone continues to use as time goes on. For me, Facebook is a way to stay connected to my older friends and family back home. I think that the site works well since it is accessible to all types of user (because let’s face it, how many of us have a grandmother who uses Facebook?)

Instagram is easily my favorite social media site. I do not post pictures that frequently, but I love that I am able to get a glimpse into the lives of others I follow. Additionally, if you follow Instagram’s page, there are some very cool photography pieces that they feature every couple of days. The only thing that I would change about Instagram to improve it, would be the profile building. Facebook, Twitter, and other sites have a more accelerated, multifunctional profile page that Insta lacks.

Finally, there’s Snapchat. It is one of those apps where it is hard to explain the point or use, you just have to try it out. I was skeptical before downloading Snapchat for the first time, because I didn’t understand the point of instant messaging people using pictures. Now, I can’t go a single day without using Snapchat. I like being able to see what people are doing, or simply seeing their face without having to video chat.


One thought on “My Social Media Lineup

  1. Really interesting post and really easy to read!
    I found interesting how you explained why and when you started using these social networks, and also, I have to agree with your idea of changing Instagram profiles in order to make them more multifunctional!
    Great post!


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