Dear Future Bloggers:

Not really. I was kind of forced to do this, but oh well!

As a part of the ever so wonderful Comm 240 class, you are responsible for creating and maintaining blog posts on your very own website! Does this idea seem terrible to you?

I understand. It seemed horrible to me at first. So how do you combat this negative attitude?

Suck it up and just write something. It’s that easy.

Yeah, really!


My greatest piece of advice to new bloggers is to just begin writing. Once you physically sit down to write your post, the content will flow and each time after time, it will be easier and easier to ramble on and on-kind of like I just did, right?

Each post has a prompt provided, so try brainstorming on paper before you put your ideas into the blog form. It will often help to plan out your blog on a piece of paper, so the visual is there.  Do a little bit of research before hand if you don’t really know what you are talking about. Use interviews with friends or experts for content material, and get creative with your resources or information you present. You may not be blogging that often, but when you do, make it worthwhile.

Speaking of visuals, you are going to need those too. Use several different multimedia elements such as pictures, videos, hyperlinks, etc to make your blog interesting.

You will begin to develop a writing style (whether you realize it or not), and with each blog you write, it will become easier and enjoyable.

Finally, remember to have fun! If your content is interesting, and you enjoy what you are writing about, it really won’t be that bad of a process to go through. Just remember that your blog will be an actual physical website, that anyone throughout the world has access to. So, be careful about what you post, and keep your content somewhat professional. Check out other people’s blogs for some more tips! Good luck and have fun!


Thousands of People Paid $10 for “Lucky Cactus” App

Lucky Cactus App

It’s a joke, right?

The Lucky Cactus app is a phenomenon that has recently become famous not only in the app store, but throughout the nation, taking social media by storm.

Here is how it is supposed to work:

For $9.99, Viewers who download the app are presented with a simple screen showing an animated cactus, as shown in the image above. All one must do is simply tap the screen, and good luck will come upon them (supposedly).

Here is the description featured on the app store:

“What is the Lucky Cactus?
It is a state of mind
Tap it.
It may or may not give you luck
Tap it.
Maybe it will
Tap it.
Money, love, power, whatever you want
Tap it.
Maybe it could all be yours”

Now, I am a generally unlucky person, so my friends decided to be humorous and clever and recommend that I download the app.  So to humor them, I did (the free version, of course).

Obviously, I didn’t encounter any really significant events that would show the app works, or anything like that. So it just leaves me confused and wondering. What’s the point? Is is a joke? Do people actually believe? I’m not sure.

Image result for social media icons

What I do know, however, is that the app is gaining some pretty prominent publicity through social media. Facebook, Instagram, and sites like Tumblr are filled with thousands of people talking about the app. Numerous articles have been written discussing the app’s increasing popularity and mystery, and it has also been featured on several different news features. Most prominently, however, is the app’s Twitter account. With over five thousand followers, the app’s Twitter site is buzzing with positive reviews (whether or not any of them are real, I’m not sure).

If you are as confused or interested as I am, you can check out more about this app here.